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13 Kingsley Place

A pavilion 3 bedroom house in Highgate conservation area. Features include natural materials, a fully glazed and opening courtyard and an elevated rear deck looking across London.


Zuber Dobson Architects



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13 Kingsley Place N6 5EA

Sat 10am-5pm. Last entry 4.40pm. Max 20 at one time.


210, 214, 271, 143

  • Architect on site
  • Children's activities

13 KINGSLEY PLACE Nestled at the bottom of a quiet cul-de-sac behind Highgate_s Southwood Lane is 13 Kingsley Place, a 2 bedroom bungalow built as part of a larger award-winning 60s development. The Sanders family with their keen appreciation of design loved the modernist lines of their 60s courtyard house, but were frustrated by the limitations of the aged building fabric, size and a layout that ignored the stunning London views to the rear.In 2007, having seen Zuber Architecture_s Bluestone House on the Open House London Weekend, the Sanders appointed ZA to remodel their home to suit their growing family needs. As the house sits within the Highgate Conservation Area, the design needed to be sympathetic to the surrounding estate, but give the Sanders all they aspired to for their contemporary family home: a new house that caters to a modern family_s needs, exploits the advantages offered by the elevated site and respects the attributes of the 60s era.To meet the conservation requirements, the original street frontage was retained, but behind these walls the new house was carved into the sloping site to incorporate a a new lower-ground level and achieve the area needed to provide the Sanders with their long-term family home. Keeping within the same footprint, the new house contains 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a media room, living spaces and a flexible guest/activity suite.The new house replicates the original sleek lines and courtyard form of the 60s house, but with the advantage of modern building systems achieves a fully glazed, column free division between inside and out, opening up completely so that the courtyard becomes an extension to the living room and floods the house with light. This blurring of boundaries is also achieved to the rear where a protected deck extends the dining area outside taking full advantage of the views across London, and in the private en-suite area where the shower extends outside to offer plein-air bathing.Just as the original house incorporated period mod-cons that made the house appealing in the 60s, the new Sanders_ house incorporates secret design devices and high tech fittings that make the home a pleasure to live in for the whole family, from stepping stones to secret doors, rainbow showers to a boiling tap.The house is executed in a restrained palate of natural materials synonymous with Zuber Architecture_s work. The result is that light becomes the fifth member of the Sanders household, changing the way the house feels at different times of the day, with the weather and the seasons.