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19 Mayfield Road

This project aims to open up the kitchen to the garden and create a seamless transition with minimum impact to enable increased use of the garden and bring natural daylight into the domestic space.


Luis Trevino



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19 Mayfield Road N8 9LL

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Finsbury Park



  • Architect on site

19 MAYFIELD ROAD The site is located at 19 Mayfield Road in Crouch End. It is a mid-terrace, late Victorian house situated on the south-west side of the road, flanked on the south by Ridge Road, and on the north by Weston Park, both streets of a local character. Immediately across the road to the east is a playground; Denton Road, and to the west Inderwick Road, have a similar arrangement of Victorian terrace houses. An assessment of the area provided the architect Luis Trevino with an accurate understanding of the local character and particular site circumstances such as: topography, sun trajectory/orientation, prevailing winds, views, access, scale and appearance, which helped him make an informed decision as to what was most suited in this context. This design opens up the kitchen to the garden and creates a seamless transition between them through a rear extension that with minimum impact is able to activate the use of the garden, bring natural daylight into the kitchen and allow the garden to be perceived as a continuation of the domestic space.The design was based on surface area extensions, giving the client an array of scales with which he could feel comfortable, both physically and in terms of budget, and at the same time keeping within the parameter of permitted development to avoid a full planning application. The final option was laid out to convey the brief, responding by extending the rear with an additional element not present in the existing conditions, and also responding to the overall massing of the house. This extruded volume creates several independent spaces that merge the inside of the kitchen with the patio and garden.