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2 Willow Road

Ern_ Goldfinger's unique Modernist family home, largely in original condition. The house, which has 3 floors at the front and 4 at the back, is designed for flexibility, efficient use of space and good day-lighting. Complete with fittings and furniture designed by Goldfinger and an impressive modern art collection including works by Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Henry Moore and Bridget Riley.


Goldfinger, Ern_



2 Willow Road NW3 1TH

Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Entry via limited timed tickets only (one per person) available from house on day. 15 people every 20 mins. Includes NT members. Self-guided viewing only. Last entry 4.20pm.


Hampstead Heath

24, 46, 168, 268, C11

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2 WILLOW ROAD 2 Willow Road is a rare and excellent example of an early Modern Movement house. Still largely in original condition it contains the modern art, furniture and belongings of the Goldfinger family who occupied it for over 50 years.No 2 is the centre house in a terrace of 3 designed by Hungarian architect Ern” Goldfinger and built in 1939. The house, which has 3 floors at the front and 4 at the back, is designed for flexibility, efficient use of space and good day-lighting.Spatial flexibility arises from the use of sliding and folding room dividers, a spiral staircase which occupies less space than a conventional one, ingenious use of levels, no corridors and a reliance on built in cupboards in preference to free standing storage units. Although much of the external cladding is in brick, the basic structure is a reinforced concrete frame which allows a freedom of layout and much larger window areas than could be possible with conventional load bearing walls.The colour scheme is the same as the original and the simple, robust, good quality detailing and finishes have survived with little change. Some parts of the house have seen alterations in lay out due to changes in the needs of occupants, but the flexibility of the original conception has enabled it to survive with its essential character intact.Ern” and his wife, Ursula, acquired an important collection of modern art, and this, together with the furniture, pottery, sculpture and unusual _found objects_, show the house, with its domestic contents, as occupied by the family. 2 Willow Road was acquired by the National Trust in 1994 and has now been open to the public for 10 years. It attracts many visitors who wish to admire its design, its contents and the authentic character of the early Modern Movement.Derek Middleton2 Willow Road Guide