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49 Camberwell Grove

A Georgian fronted terrace house. Remodelled in 2016 to create an 'L' shaped modern eco house. With open and private living spaces designed horizonally across the ground floor and relaxtion spaces designed vertically. Interior design by Harriet Paterson.


John Eger Architects

49 Camberwell Grove SE5 8JA

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.

Oval, Elephant & Castle

Denmark Hill

12, 35, 36, 40, 45

  • Free parking
  • Green features
  • Toilets available

49 Camberwell Grove, SE5. 


A modern, connected, family, ECO home.



49 Camberwell Grove was bought from the previous owner, Dick Cooper by Interior Designer, Harriet Paterson and her partner, Warren Bramley, CEO of design studio, four23, in December 2013.

In 2009, Mr Cooper, working in tandem with architect John Eger, had remodelled the whole house, creating a unique, individual ECO House behind a Georgian façade.

In 2014, Harriet and Warren, inspired by the ideas of Mr Cooper, again approached John Eger to ask if he would help re-design the house to work as a family home for its new owners.

The idea for the re-design was to create a simple, responsible, connected, contemporary family home.



The foundations of the house date back to 1787, however everything beyond the façade is contemporary.

The house is designed in an ‘L’ shape formation – active, living and entertaining spaces open out horizontally across the house and garden. The private, more peaceful retreat spaces spread vertically up to the top of the house.

The house is wired for connectivity which means light, sound, heat, smoke detectors, TV’s are all controllable by the IPads (and our IPhones) that are housed on the charging stations on the walls throughout the House.



Opening across the ground floor are a series of rooms, which can be opened up and closed off as required.

The entrance hall becomes a reading room.

The open plan kitchen/diner meets the TV room with a glass retractable roof.

The whole ground floor is full of built in furniture and hidden storage making the most of the space.

At the back of the house is a closed guest suite, featuring a sofa that unveils as a double bed in the night time, and a shower room with assisted access fittings.

The end of the horizontal floor leads into a long, walled garden.



A spiral staircase takes you up to the first and second floors of the house.

Each landing has floor to ceiling storage designed specifically for the space by John Eger referencing a detailed inventory provided by Harriet and Warren.

The rooms upstairs are quiet rooms, relaxation spaces.

A bathroom with a bath and dimmable lights.

A snug with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a bio fuel fire.

And on the top floor are two bedrooms.

One is a nursery with a personalised hand drawn mural from artist Ed Boxall.

And the master bedroom to the rear has views of the St Giles church spire designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1844 and to the left is a contemporary comparison in Renzo Piano’s, Shard building.

Large skylights at the top of the house let light flood into each room and down the spiral stairwell.

The skylight in the master bedroom is retractable and opens up to expose the room to fresh air and the sky.



The house is heated by an under-floor heating system fed by an air-source heat pump in the garden. This works like air-conditioning in reverse, bringing heat from the air via a heat exchanger into the house.

The glazing throughout the house gives good solar gain that, combined with good insulation, will reduce the demand for additional heating.

There is a 2700 litre underground tank in the garden, which stores rainwater, used to flush the lavatory, wash the clothes, and wash the dishes.

At the rear, on the first floor are solar photovoltaic panels that generate a useful amount of electricity.

The lighting throughout is LED. 


The current garden was temporarily, lovingly, restored two weeks ago by Flora and Vanessa at Floral Aid. It had become a storage space while the build was taking place.

In December 2016 the garden will be re-designed, re-modelled and re-landscaped with the addition of a Writing Cabin to sit at the foot of the garden.

You can see plans for the garden and cabin designs on the boards just outside the back door.