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8 Stoneleigh Terrace (Highgate New Town, Stage 1)

Built during the golden era of Camden public housing by an architect who studied with Ern_ Goldfinger and worked with Denys Lasdun.


Peter T_bori, Camden Architect's Department



8 Stoneleigh Terrace N19 5TY

Sat/Sun tours only at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm. Max 25 per tour.


4, C11

  • Toilets available

8 STONELEIGH TERRACE (HIGHGATE NEW TOWN, STAGE 1) 8 Stoneleigh Terrace is part of what was originally called Highgate New Town, Stage 1 and is now known as the Whittington Estate. It is a typical example of the designs produced by Camden Architects Department under Borough Architect Sydney Cook. These belong to a brief golden era that grew out of the hopes and aspirations of the sixties when many architects fought for their belief that nothing was too good for social housing, using modern materials to create light-filled and exciting interior spaces. 240 dwellings were constructed, varying from one-bedroom two-person flats to six-bedroom eight-person houses. The materials used were a substructure of in situ concrete; superstructure of load-bearing crosswalls; external walls of sand-coloured concrete blocks and precast concrete (mostly painted cream in 1995); all windows and joinery in stained timber. 8 Stoneleigh Terrace was designed as a four-person, two-bedroom maisonette. The interior planning, mainly by Ken Adie, shares many features with other Camden estates (especially Alexandra Road, which was designed and built at the same time). The walls are divided into panels by storey-height doors articulated by stained-timber frames. Spaces can be opened into each other by means of double doors (between the hall and the living/dining area) and a sliding partition (between the kitchen and the living/dining area). A fully-glazed wall, with heating concealed beneath a low wooden bench, separates the L-shaped living/dining area from the terrace. The bedrooms are below the living area, are of equal size and open onto a courtyard. The internal window between the hall and the living area further dissolves the space (as well as providing borowed light) and there is a large box room on the lower level.