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Adobe Village Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School

A unique striking playscape and adobe home structure that integrates outside learning with innovative earth forms. Construction is 'rammed' earth made from earth filled tubes. The children contributed to the scheme by sketching out their ideas for their eco-classroom. Adobe construction recently gaining recognition for sound-reducing properties.


Small Earth



Martindale Road TW4 7HE

Sat 10.30am-2.30pm.

Hounslow West


237, 117, 235, 116

  • Children's activities
  • Free parking
  • Access for wheelchair users
  • Refreshments available
  • Toilets available

ADOBE VILLAGE HOUNSLOW HEATH INFANT AND NURSERY SCHOOL Small Earth design and build rammed earth structures using technology devised by Iranian architect Nader Khalili. Known as Super Adobe this form of building allows for the creation of earth domes which are environmentally friendly, ecologically sound, versatile, affordable, flood, fire and earthquake resistant with brilliant sound and thermal insulation. Small Earth provides supportive and sustainable environments for communities around the world through the creative use of elemental materials and the application of Permaculture inspired thinking. From conception to delivery our projects leave a legacy of landmark buildings beautifully integrated into sustainable and productive landscaped spaces. In October 2009 Small Earth was approached by Hounslow Heath Infants_ School in West London, UK to build an outside play dome as part of a British Airport Authority (BAA) noise attenuation scheme. The school is directly under the flight path of Heathrow’s southern runway and outside play for the children is dominated by ear-deafening interruptions every 2 minutes as landing aircraft pass a few hundred feet over their heads. Sound tests inside the semi-underground dome showed a noise reduction of over 17 decibels and a considerable reduction in the duration of the noise event. Work commenced in June 2010 and expanded to provide a contoured playscape for the 430 children.