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Ashmount Primary School

Carbon neutral building. BREEAM Award for Highest Scoring Project in the Education Sector.


Penoyre & Prasad



83 Crouch Hill N8 9EG

Sat/Sun 10am-1pm. Regular architect-led tours of whole school.

Finsbury Park

Crouch Hill


  • Access for wheelchair users
  • Architect on site
  • Green features
  • Toilets available

ASHMOUNT PRIMARY SCHOOL This scheme to turn an unkempt piece of Metropolitan Open Land in North London into an exemplar carbon-negative development, includes new buildings for the relocation of Ashmount Primary School and Bowlers Nursery, and the refurbishment of the Cape Youth Centre to include an Ecology Centre, all set within a new community park. The project was a rare opportunity for London to build new places of learning and community resource in an inspirational urban woodland setting. This was supported by good community engagement, community-oriented services delivered from the site and management arrangements which protect the future of the site and promote its use by a wide cross section of the community. Carbon-negative status has been achieved through minimising energy consumption, the use of on-site renewables and a gas fired CHP plant to provide heat & power to the buildings on site and to neighbouring, existing housing blocks. The innovative approach to community energy distribution, has earned this project a BREEAM Outstanding Award for Highest Scoring Project in the Education Sector. The project has been awarded œ0.5m through the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) Low and Zero Carbon Schools _ Pilot and Exemplar Projects initiative. www.penoyreprasad.com