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Buddhapadipa Temple

Complex of buildings on 4 acres of land with Buddhist Theravada Temple in Thai style - one of only two outside Asia. Interior walls with excellent mural paintings by Thai artists, depicting aspects of the Buddha's life.


Sidney Kaye Firmin Partnership



14 Calonne Road SW19 5HJ

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Regular 10 minute tours. Last entry 4pm. Max 30 per tour.



  • Bookshop at location
  • Free parking
  • Partial disabled
  • Refreshments available
  • Regularly open to the public at no charge
  • Toilets available

BUDDHAPADIPA TEMPLE Wat Buddhapadipa in London was the first Buddhist temple in the United Kingdom, established by the London Buddhist Temple Foundation with the objective of creating a centre for the dissemination of theoretical and practical Buddhist teachings in Europe. This temple has been under the Royal Patronage since 1965 when it was originally located on Christ Church Road, Richmond. It was moved to its present site in Calonne Road, Wimbledon Parkside in 1976. With the support of the Royal Thai Government and the Thai people, the Foundation erected an “Ubosot”, a Thai style building for monastic ceremonies. The celebration of monastic boundary, held on October 30, 1982, enabled Wat Buddhapadipa to become a formal temple according to Thai tradition: in fact, the only Thai temple ever built in Europe. From the start, Wat Buddhapadipa has actively promoted theoretical and practical Buddhism in London as well as in other cities of the United Kingdom and in countries such as the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It has thus become one of Europe’s most important Buddhist training centres. In 1986, when the British Museum organized an exhibition “Buddhism: Art and Faith”, a London newspaper even commented that there was no need to go far in order to understand Buddhism, since visits to the British Museum and Wat Buddhapadipa should suffice. The grounds of the Temple cover a monastic area of approximately four acres in which the Uposatha Hall is situated on an ornamental lake, a small grove, flower garden and an orchard. The Temple consists of the House where the monks live and a cottage. On the ground floor of the House there is a Shrine room, a Dining room, A study, a Library, a Cloak room, an Office, a Kitchen and Telephone room. The rest of the House is the place for the monks. The Uposatha Hall or the Temple is constructed place for the traditional Thai style on the monastic area.