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Canopy House

Modern conversion of a Victorian house featuring a black brick rear extension with an oak clad canopy and an oriel window seat.





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42 Yoakley Road N16 0BA

Sun 10am-5pm.

Manor House

Stoke Newington

106, 73, 393, 476

  • Architect on site
  • Partial disabled
  • Toilets available

CANOPY HOUSE Conversion featuring a rear extension with a cantilevered canopy, an oriel window and a first floor side extension with sauna.The original property suffered from a dark kitchen with low ceilings and a rear facade that read like a patchwork in different coloured brick. The client’s aim was to improve the spacial feel and function of the rooms as well as to give the rear of the property a new face rather than merely maximising space. They were interested in finding their own individual solution instead of defaulting to the current vocabulary of house extensions. On the ground floor the kitchen has been enlarged with a rear extension which features a cantilevered canopy which adds a striking modern addition contrasting with the period property. The black brick of the extension unifies the facade and the sculptural canopy works like a bracket holding all the elements together. While the rear extension has its own strong language the first floor extension, which accommodates a bathroom and sauna, blends in seamlessly with the street view. Special attention was paid to the glazing. The large glazed doors and windows to the rear were carefully proportioned. Coming from the lower ceiling in the kitchen it gives the space a great sense of height and openness. The pivot door opens generously into the garden. A new oriel window provides a cozy snug to enjoy views of the lush garden. The timber is carried all the way through from the window frames, the bespoke joinery of the interiors to the lining of the exterior canopy. The warmth of the timber stands nicely against the black brick which gives the project its own character and reflects the Scandinavian heritage of the client.