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Fullwell Cross Library

The library was built together with the swimming baths on an open site in Barkingside High Street. Circular library design copies nearby roundabout. Complex is set back from the pavement, intended to form a new local civic centre with a public space. Refurbished 1990 and 2011. Display on history of Barkingside.


Frederick Gibberd/Coombes & Partners/H C Connell



140 High Street, Barkingside, Ilford IG6 2EA

Sat 9.30am-4pm. Talk on the life and work of Sir Frederick Gibberd by Carol Murray of the Gibberd Gardens at 2pm.

Barkingside, Fairlop

128, 150, 167, 169, 247, 000, 000

  • Bookshop at location
  • Access for wheelchair users
  • Regularly open to the public at no charge
  • Toilets available

FULLWELL CROSS LIBRARY The formation of the London Borough of Redbridge in 1965 created a new geographical centre at Barkingside. An undeveloped site south of the Fullwell Cross roundabout was chosen for a new regional town centre with a proposed new library and swimming baths. The library and baths were designed by Frederick Gibberd, Coombes & Partners in association with H C Connell, Borough Architect. Frederick Gibberd was already working in Essex in the 1960s as Leader of the Harlow Development Corporation Design Group, planning the Essex New Town.The Library has a distinctive circular shape with a raised central dome, 16 sided with large clerestory windows. Single storey offices and reading rooms form an outer ring. The Library has had various internal changes since it was built with a major redesign in 2011 by Opening the Book. However the original design concept is still evident. – Distinctive setting at the top of the High Street acting as a focal point for the area.- Light and airy interior with a feeling of space – Major internal redesign by Opening the Book 2011- Site in 2012 for a new regional town centre