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McCann London Offices

A 1930s Art Deco former Daimler Hire garage, now home to McCann, an advertising agency.


Wallis, Gilbert & Partners



7-11 Herbrand Street WC1N 1EX

Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Regular tours. Last entry 4.30pm. Max 15 per tour.

Russell Square

Euston, King's Cross St Pancras

59, 68, 91, 10, 168, 188

  • Partial disabled
  • Refreshments available
  • Toilets available

MCANN LONDON OFFICES Originally built for the Daimler Car Company as a car hire garage in 1931 by the firm Wallis Gilbert and Partners, this Grade II Listed building was used until 1998 for very much the same purpose as a parking garage for the London Taxi Centre and station for the sightseeing coach company Frames Rickard in the basement.The building was described for Open House London visitors in 1996-8 by Tim Bruce-Dick and William Schenck as being constructed of rendered brick and in situ reinforced concrete which clearly expressed the Bauhaus philosophy of _Form Follows Function_. Its purpose as a garage for the automobile and the necessary ramps allowing cars access to the upper levels are clearly visible from the facade. The sloping ramps of the northern block are reflected in the curved walls and angled horizontal windows. Between the ramps the central core of the building provided parking on four levels. Here taxis were serviced and washed while their owners relaxed in the canteen. A central stair tower gave pedestrian access to the upper floors.Wallis Gilbert also built the Victoria Coach Station and, a year or two later, the Hoover Factory on the Western Avenue. All three buildings share similarities: the white rendered walls, horizontal metal windows, distinctive towers and elaborate art deco moulded decoration. References to Mendelsohn_s Einstein Tower and the Schocken Department store are reflected in the corner windows and facade at Herbrand Street. This exciting expression of the automobile age of the 30s sought to find a visual language for the buildings which would be required to house, maintain and promote the motor car. In October 1998 work began to begin to remodel the interior into offices with an additional fourth floor on behalf of McCann London, which continues to occupy the premises.The reception area is situated in an atrium which rises to a toughened glass roof through which the sky is visible. On one side there is access to the semi-basement which now contains the staff canteen and audio and visual studios and on the other the spiralling ramp which was a roadway for vehicles now contains work spaces and stairs to the extensive open plan offices on the upper floors.A roof terrace between the third and fourth floors is used for meetings and community events and looks out towards Marchmont Street to the east and St Pancras to the north.Founded in 1927 McCann London, part of McCann Worldgroup, is one of the largest advertising agencies in the UK with extensive experience of building and developing brand ideas.