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One Bishops Square

An efficient, flexible, user-friendly and supportive working environment. 'Intelligent' building with many sustainable features, including London's largest office-based solar installation and inbuilt computer system aimed at efficiency and energy conservation. Lights and air conditioning operate only when area is populated. Triple glazing and blinds reduce solar gain on all south-facing windows.


Foster + Partners



One Bishops Square E1 6AD

Sun 10am-5pm. Last entry 4.30pm. Max 150 at one time.

Liverpool Street

8, 11, 26, 35, 42

  • Access for wheelchair users
  • Green features
  • Refreshments available
  • Toilets available

ONE BISHOPS SQUARE ENTRANCE FOYER Alan Jones Gymnasts: the two sculptures are made from aluminium and suspended from the ceiling, leaving the reception area totally free for client access and circulation without interrupting sightlines. The coloured sculptures both greet clients and animate the spacious geometry of the architecture. Gymnasts epitomise qualities of flexibility, commitment and endurance, particularly when their activities seem to defy gravity. These qualities are reflected in the movement, shapes and colours of the finished work. The male sculpture is 4m high and 5.3m along its length, weighing approximately 100kg, and the female sculpture is 2.9m high, weighing approximately 40kg. AUDITORIUM Our auditorium is arguably the most sophisticated and versatile bespoke presentation facility in the City of London. Descending to the lower ground floor by escalator from the foyer, guests enter the main lobby which is a large space incorporating bespoke displays of electronic art. The lobby then opens into a main reception area prior to entering the Auditorium. Both the lobby and reception areas offer large spaces that lend themselves to a wide variety of events or can simply be used for meeting and greeting clients. It is a world-class environment and represents a unique facility that sets excellent standards in audio-visual presentation in one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly buildings. The Auditorium art ‘Habeus Corpus’ by Simon Briggs is based on three digital projections which will show short video sequences incorporating people recorded passing through the entrance Lobby. Background visuals are deleted from the video sequences to create an effect of people appearing to be floating up or down in the projection. The more recent a recorded sequence, the closer to the viewers in the space it appears; the older the recording, the further away it appears. In the breakout areas of the Auditorium four plasma screens will show images of London’s past and present. HEALTH AND WELLBEING CENTRE The facilties include a fitness centre incorporating a gym, studio and double height sports hall. There are showers and lockers, and a sauna in both the male and female changing rooms, as well as a refeshment area. There is an extensive range of high specification aerobic and resistance machines and a range of free weights. The aerobic machines have their own viewing screens, so you can choose what to watch or what music you want to listen to. OFFICES We’ve made the most of the natural daylight that streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Between the windows, the glass walled offices and corridors; we’ve created as many opportunities as possible to see out into the surrounding area. There are three different office layouts, single, partner with trainee and two person offices. In addition, there are layouts for PA pods, open plan areas and specialist work areas. LAVANDA & TERRACE Our Italian themed cafe bar (Lavanda), serves as a Bistro during the day and transforms into a bar in the evenings. The inside seating area, with around 30 seats, is situated underneath a triple height atrium. One of the best features of Bishops Square is the ability to hold barbecues in the summer or evening drinks on the terrace. CONFERENCE SUITE We’ve thought carefully about the requirements for the client meeting rooms; they need to be functional, but also reflect the nature of Allen & Overy. The client suite is on the first floor, where you’ll find the tallest ceilings in the building; all meeting rooms have natural daylight and state-of-the-art equipment, and clients enter the building through a stunning foyer area. Our client suite provides 47 meeting rooms many of which are equipped with modern audio and video conferencing facilities. We also have a special “wow” room which has some of the latest presentation technologies available. The work in the central atrium is by Greyworld _ the group of artists behind much of the work at the London Stock Exchange. The installation runs the full height of the atrium and comprises nearly 200 coloured ‘blooms’ which will be triggered to open and close by hidden movement sensors, to reflect movement of any chosen environment, inside or outside the building. Their colours echo those used in the different zones of the building. LOOKING AFTER THE ENVIRONMENT Bishops Square is fitted with a number of state-of-the art environmentally friendly devices that will help A&Q be as environmentally efficient as possible. As well as generating power from the solar panels on the roof, we look to conserve as much energy as possible. Triple glazing ensures we use heat as effectively as possible and PIRs (passive infrared light detectors) will mean that forgetfulness will not be problem when it comes to turning off lights. The escalator drive is fitted with energy saving devices so that it reduces speed when not in use and heat reclamation from our air conditioning system diverts waste heat and uses it to heat the air in the building. The solar panels save over 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year _ equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide needed to fill 1.6 million party balloons. These solar panels on the roof will generate 4,700 kw hours of electricity a year. “The solar panels will generate enough electricity per year to light an average three-bedroom house for 90 years or to make over 2 million pieces of toast or over 3 million cups of tea every year”.