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One Lancs/Half-life Project Space

Wrap-around 2-storey extension with roof and walls clad in thin-strip timber, with new connections to house and wheelchair accessible ground floor.2


Chance de Silva and Simon Head



1 Lancaster Road N4 4PJ

Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Exhibition 'That Burning Field'. Last entry 4.30pm. Max 25 at one time.

Finsbury Park

210, W3, W7, 29, 253

  • Architect on site
  • Partial disabled

ONE LANCS/HALFLIFE PROJECT SPACE The envelope of a wrap-around two-storey extension has been designed by Chance de Silva in collaboration with photographer Simon Head. Glazing apart, the building is entirely clad in timber strip to roofs and walls. The exterior provides a new entrance and connections back into the existing house on two levels to create wheelchair accessible ground floor living and bedroom spaces, a first floor artist_s studio and a top floor one-bed flat. The design evolved in collaboration with Simon Head _ a photographer, filmmaker and typographer – and, like Simon_s work in relief on blocks of slate or stone, was conceived as carved from a single block, in this case of Douglas Fir. The extension is glimpsed as a wooden house-in-the-trees from the Stroud Green Parkland walk.