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Peckham Coal Line

Community led initiative to create an urban park using disused railway sidings between Queens Road Peckham and Rye Lane. Connecting history, nature and communities in Peckham. Walk will be at street level.

Copeland Park, 133 Rye Lane SE15 4ST

Sun 10am-5pm. Self-guided tours. Limited guided tours on the hour. Max 25 per tour. Children's Activities: scavenger hunt along walk.

Peckham Rye

78, 12, 63, 343, P12

  • Children's activities

PECKHAM COAL LINE In the mid 19th century the construction of the railways brought the industrial revolution to Peckham turning what was a backwater, surrounded by grazing pasture, into a frenzy of manufacturing; the legacy of warehouses and factories now dominate the area around the tracks and while large-scale industry has long moved on, the high street continues to team with markets stalls heavily influenced by Peckham_s diverse international community. Layers of migration have left a busy, vibrant, atmospheric neighbourhood however there is little green space. What_s more the communities are segregated by physical boundaries such as busy roads and housing estates, however it is the rail lines that create the greatest partitions preventing access to Rye Lane from the east whilst also dividing the high street into a north and south of chain shops versus independents. The area between the tracks, once a coal drop, is now occupied by a scaffolding yard. Coal was supplied via the rail lines above and the line sidings still exist on the viaduct. This green finger, above the town centre, is now disused and overgrown. It is a quiet, natural oasis that negotiates its way through Peckham_s contemporary chaos and industrial heritage. The viaduct has views towards the city and is an overlooked link corridor between the neighbourhoods green spaces. The Coal Line would allow us to discover local history in the atmospheric shadow of grand old Victorian arches and factories such as the Bussey building with park views towards the city skyscrapers and beyond helping contextualise Peckham geographically and historically, in a space that amplifies the seasons whilst linking our communities. The park ties in with Peckham Vision’s proposal for a low-line green path alongside the Bussey Building. Together the two green paths would tie into the transformed area around the planned new square in front of Peckham Rye station. The proposal also has wider network potential; by linking two parts of the national cycle network it would be possible to create an almost continuous green route stretching from Brixton to Rotherhithe with the future potential to reach Canary Wharf. Network Rail and Southwark Council are in support of helping us develop the feasibility study as they recognise the proposed link parks transformative potential on the space and communities around it.