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South East London Combined Heat & Power Energy Recovery Facility

First new generation 'state of the art' Energy Recovery Facility providing long-term sustainable solution for waste disposal, producing electricity for National Grid and heat for Southwark residents. Designed to minimise visual impact whilst remaining a high quality landmark building.


Smith, Alan J Partnership



Landmann Way, off Surrey Canal Road SE14 5RS

Sun 10am-3pm. If disabled access required, call 0203 567 6100 in advance. Last entry 3pm.

South Bermondsey, New Cross Gate

47, 188, 199, 225, P12

  • Partial disabled
  • Refreshments available
  • Toilets available

SOUTH EAST LONDON COMBINED HEAT & POWER ENERGY RECOVERY FACILITY South East London Combined Heat and Power Limited (SELCHP) turns domestic refuse into energy and heat through incineration. It provides four useful public services: waste disposal, electricity generation, ash recycling and in the foreseeable future, heat for homes.The objective for SELCHP is to provide a long-term integrated solution for the area’s waste disposal needs and deliver major environmental benefits. By providing an alternative to landfill, SELCHP eliminates the greenhouse effects of methane and other environmental problems which landfill produces and offsets the need to produce energy using high cost fossil fuels.SELCHP has been fully operational since 1994 and is capable of incinerating 420,000 tons of waste each year. It receives waste from the London Boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, Westminster and Bexley. SELCHP turns the waste into energy and exports electricity to the National Grid at a rate of 32 megawatts per hour – enough for 48,000 homes.SELCHP is designed to internationally accepted standards. It meets all the requirements laid down by local, national and EU legislation in the area of pollution and environmental impact. SELCHP was the first UK plant to comply with the 1989 EEC Directive on Air Pollution and Environment Agency Guidance Notes in accordance with the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. Located on a designated industrial site, SELCHP is isolated from surrounding housing by an industrial park on two sides and rail tracks on its two remaining boundaries. Noise emissions are tightly controlled and traffic movements around the plant have been carefully planned to minimise disruption. Local residents are involved in the plant through the Incinerator Monitor Group (IMG) and have access to operational information.SELCHP is regarded as the UK’s flagship of the waste management industry, employing 57 people. The totally enclosed plant uses advanced technology to recycle the energy contained in waste. The plant has three main operating sections:The delivery, storage and charging area, where the refuse collection vehicles tip the unsorted municipal waste into a storage bunker from which it is fed into the furnaceThe combustion system which incorporates a moving grate and the steam raising boilerThe exit gas treatment and filtration systemThe combustion process is strictly controlled to prevent the formation of harmful chemicals, and a flue-gas treatment system removes micro-pollutants so that only clean and dust free gases are released into the atmosphere via the 100 metre chimney. Magnetic separators recover ferrous metals for recycling from the ash residues. Other products will be developed from ash residue in the future.In many environmentally conscious countries, energy recovery is seen as a vital part of an overall waste management strategy. In Denmark 54% of waste generated is incinerated, in France 34% and in the Netherlands 33%. In England, 10% is incinerated.SELCHP is a joint venture consortium with shareholders including:Veolia Environmental Services UKMES/CNIM – Waste to Energy Plant Designers and ContractorsEDF EnergyThe London Borough of LewishamThe London Borough of GreenwichViterra Energy Services Ltd – District Heating SpecialistsLAING Technology Group Ltd