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Western Pumping Station

View the 52m high Italianate chimney and 22m high pump house with ornate mansard roof, built to house 4 beam engines. The steam engines were replaced by diesel in 1936.


Charles Driver (attrib.)



124 Grosvenor Road SW1V 4BE

Sat/Sun hourly tours at 10am, 11am, 12noon, 2pm, 3pm. Pre-book ONLY on londonopenhouse@thameswater.co.uk, clearly marking the subject 'WESTERN'. No entry without pre-booking. Max 20 per tour.

Sloane Square

Battersea Park

44, 137, 360, 452

WESTERN PUMPING STATION The last part of Bazalgette’s Low Level Sewer to be finished, in 1872-5. The buildings are of pale brick, with the polite architectural dress then thought proper for great public enterprises. The designer is unknown; their builder William Webster may have contributed. By the road the Pumping House, a big broad two-storey block, with a Frenchy convex roof of copper fish-scale tiles. It lifted sewage to run down to Abbey Mills pumping station, where it was again lifted to run to the outfall at Barking Creek. Behind and to the left the square chimney, elegantly tapered, with narrow round-headed recesses and decorated top. Also a small auxiliary pumping station, left, with a long low pitched roof, and superintent’s house, right, hipped-roof and pretty. Part of the site will be included in the new development around the Grosvenor Canal Basin. from London 6; Westminster, Bradley and Pevsner (2003)