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Whitehorse Manor Infant and Junior Schools

A stunning gold-fronted expansion to an existing primary school. The design builds on the character of the existing Victorian school building and brings togther a fragmented site with a series of inventive material and formal interventions.


Hayhurst and Co



Whitehorse Road, Thornton Heath CR7 8SB

Sat 10am-1pm. Half hourly tours. Last entry 12.30pm.

Norwood Junction, Thornton Heath

50, 468

  • Access for wheelchair users
  • Toilets available

WHITEHORSE MANOR INFANT and JUNIOR SCHOOLS The remodelling and expansion of Pegasus Academy builds on the character of the existing Victorian school buildings. Our design brings together a fragmented site with a series of interventions and extensions that thread new teaching spaces through a complex fabric of existing buildings. The project provides 7 new classrooms, 6 remodelled classrooms, a hall extension and a new administration hub. The concept of a ‘responsive roofscape’ informs a site-wide strategy to revitalise the different learning environments and provide a controlled sense of scale to the new development. Conceived as a series of room-scaled extensions, the proposal assimilates the pitches and proportions of the Victorian school but plays with the scale, repetition and constructional authenticity of the forms. The language of the Victorian school is adapted to shape the character of the spaces created. Both inside and out, the roof-scape is intended to animate and excite a playful and stimulating learning environment. A new ribbon of timber slats at ceiling level within the circulation routes brings the two schools together and connects the new with the old. The coordinated design of finishes, lighting and skylights in these spaces creates a language of common elements that can be used as a navigational tool by the users of the building. Within the building the varied scales of the ceiling profiles aid way-finding and act as a shared reference point for children progressing through each year-group in the school. The new facade brings the two schools together by adopting the pitches and massing of the Victorian buildings at either end. The resultant form leads the eye towards the Victorian Junior Gym building, reinforcing its prime position in the group of buildings that make up the frontage of the school. The form of the new elevation is cut to create a logical public entrance leading into the heart of the school under a new pergola structure. A large picture window is cut into the overall form to break up the facade and allow glimpses of the roof-scape of the school beyond. Winner of an RIBA London Region Award 2014