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Y:Cube, YMCA Mitcham

A new housing solution developed by YMCA London South West in partnership with Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, AECOM and SIG Building Systems that provides self contained, affordable starter accomodation for those unable to pay current market prices.


Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners



George William Court, Clay Avenue, Mitcham CR4 1BB

Sat 10am-1pm. Guided tours on demand.

Mitcham Eastfields


  • Architect on site
  • Free parking
  • Green features
  • Partial disabled

Y:CUBE, GEORGE WILLIAMS COURT Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, with YMCA London South West, have developed an economical and innovative housing solution, which provides self-contained and affordable starter accommodation for young people unable to either gain a first step on the housing ladder or pay the high costs of private rent. The Y:Cube units are 26m2 one-bed studios, for single occupancy, that arrive on site as self-contained units. Each unit is constructed in the factory with all the services already incorporated. Therefore, the water, heating and electricity can be easily connected to existing facilities or to other Y:Cubes already on site. This _plug and play_ approach results in a modular, demountable system of apartments that are perfectly designed for brownfield sites. Additional units can be added if needed and whole developments can be taken apart and rebuilt in new locations. This modern method of construction makes for a neighbourly, clean and quiet site. Each unit is constructed from high quality, eco-efficient materials (primarily renewable timber) and can achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6. The factory conditions in which the pods are assembled ensure tolerances of 2mm, creating accommodation that is so well insulated that they require little or no heating, even in winter months. This presents further valuable savings as the cost of energy rises. Y:Cube Mitcham is the first Y:Cube development, made up of 36-units and the first residents moved in to their homes in September 2015. Every resident is either referred by the London Borough of Merton or a previous resident of the YMCA. The Y:Cube provides an alternative to poor quality shared accommodation managed by private landlords and can offer a better solution for those in housing need within the community. The rent is set at 65% of market rate and in addition to low energy bills the Y:Cube is genuinely affordable for those who live there. Y:Cube Housing offers a real opportunity for social investment, providing a solid return to investors whilst at the same time meeting a huge need. _Y:Cube is a fantastic example of the innovative housing projects we support to address a range of housing demands. We need bold ideas to stimulate growth and address the historic failure to build enough homes and modular construction has an important role_ Richard Blakeway, Deputy Mayor of Housing. GLA Awards 2015 Edison Awards – Silver medal in the _Social Solutions_ category www.rsh-p.com